If It Starts Of Wrong, Then It Is #Relationshipadvice Part1

"Your Life Coach" `Salkis Re

Very rarely if ever have I seen something start off bad and end up good. Giving it a "try" usually costs us previous time and resources. All time does in this case is create the habit of emotional attachment. And in the habit, we perceive that we "need" what should not have been apart of our lives the the first place.

 If you think time heals: it doesn't!

 Healing is Decision,not a matter of time, and the character of a person cannot be changed by your waiting and wishing. Be confident with leaving a "what if" if things are not great in the beginning. They say 'curiosity killed the cat" and nothing can be further from that truth. Everything is not be explored, and as you learn what you want, you learn how to omit things that do not start in line with what you are seeking. 

I am not talking about frigidity here, I am speaking about any decision to move forward that as the potential to affect your entire life. Who you have sex with should be given great consideration. Beyonds the stimulation of your eyes and the feelings of your heart. The heart has no allegiance to anyone. It wants what feels good, not what is good. Your stomach usually signals if something is wrong, that feeling in your gut that you ignore, yeah it's trying to tell you that this thing is unsafe. But you refuse to respect your internal guidance. 

You think your desires can override a bad situation and turn it into a good one. For that to happen, you need to be in total control of the person you are inviting into your space. Human emotions are very unstable , and its takes much work and focus to manipulate people if you are not a natural born psychopath. And the moment you have a shred of empathy and doubt in your ambitions to control another person is the moment your form crumbles and your weaknesses are exposed to the person you are trying to seduce into control. It be better to use that energy for self control, you will see a greater benefit, one that cannot be taken away by anyone when you build that energy to control YOURSELF!

 Live with the what if and save your your time and resources towards a relationship with  with better odds. 

"Your Life Coach " ~ Salkis Re

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