A New Attitude!

A new attitude requires training your mind like doing arm curls at the gym. What you are right now, what you think you are, what you think you like or dislike, you identify with it. And it offers you a supposed comfort. Any time the god voice in you tries to talk to you, you distract yourself from hearing, get yourself busy doing frivolous things to ignore the wisdom within you.

That Voice that said "don't do it", tell me, has it EVER been wrong? 
The voice of divine intellect dims to a whisper when you pay it no mind, but luckily it never leaves you completely. You abuse yourself FIRST and this is the gateway to spectors coming in. Self abuse "opens" you up for demonic posses and I'm talking about from the living not the dead. 

Your ideals, your moral convictions help to build a hedge of protection around you. But you have to what some assume is evil now, and it is to :judge. Ideals are given to us in order to be docile spectators as the will of others are imposed upon us. Want to know what's true? Get centered. I mean centered in your stomach. 

Your belly gives you signals and hints about your world, not just that stuff you eat that you should eat, but will intelligently process your world for. Why does your belly react around certain people, why does it churn when you are unsure about doing something. It speaks to you, but you take antacids to shut down. Your mind can lie but your stomach NEVER will.
 "Your Life Coach " ~ Salkis Re
I am available to help you with private one on one coaching sessions. Why should you choose me? I am precise in insight and instruction. There will be no sage burning, or crystal talismans to wear. These things are pageantry and give you temporary, yet false hope for recovery of depression and other internal issues you may be facing. I am an artist, so I am a right brain creative that sees things that are not obvious to an untrained eye. I am also very analytical and subscribe to formals and steps with my instruction. Which means that I am a balanced being prepared to see deeper into your trauma than most who are linear thinkers. Your experience with me will be simple, freeing and life changing. Sign Up Here: