Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Congo Locs by salkis Re
So this is me now, some things are a bit different lol, I will let you guess. But I'm just embracing the changes and my ability to change and go with the flow. I'm starting to love being in my 40's now, its fun not having to pretend to be things that I'm not. I started thrifting and I'm like totally in love with vintage looks, so I'll be posting pics of what I find.

My art is evolving too, I'm still painting little girls but they stories are more meaningful because I know what I want to say and what I would like for you to feel when you see my art.

African Art by Salkis Re

It feels so good writing in my blog again. I am going to make this my new home for thoughts and emotions I'd like to express. Lets go!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just had a birthday!

So my birthday just pasted on the 20th of November, and I had a few revelations I guess. Of course when birthdays come around , you can't help but reflect on your life and your accomplishments (or lack there of). So I am on a new journey with everything. I am getting back into the discipline and care of my body and revving up a few things with that like drinking my distilled water, no juices etc.. I also   painting schedule too
Free Form dredlocks
Starting Free Form Locks
o have started a new hair loc journey. And I am getting back on a regular

 I am 'free forming' my locs this time instead of sisterlocks. And so far I love it! I slacked off my yoga this past week because of moving so I'm going to get back on that like a religion, lol. Also revamping my diet, I was a raw foodie a little while back and i loved it but felt that I wasn't getting enough nutrients and calories. I started looking like a bobble head and it wasn't cute at all. So this time I'll be doing more supplementing with sea moss, chlorophyll, too.

I am going to start a skin regimen as well, I have never been into facials etc, but I think its time to start this as well because my skin is not the same as it used to be and my goal is a 'no foundation' look for my skin to go along with my 'rasta' life style lol. Well I will keep you posted on my progress.. By for now my lovelies..

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Discipline: The Essential Requirement for the Creatrix

When you lack discipline in sexual desires it leads to unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, mental stress and physical stress, when you lack discipline in eating it leads to weight gain, fatigue and rapid deterioration of the body, when you lack discipline of mind, it leads to failure, unaccomplished goals, low self worth.. 

Discipline is the action of thought out intent with what ever you decided you will do for your highest good. Not 'just because you can' but because you have a clear objective that what you are about to do will improve you, will benefit you and this experience called life. Be present always in all your deeds and success and happiness waits for you on the other side...

Ladies, we must become proactive instead of reactive to circumstances and crisis. How will we ever become Goddess if we are so easily swayed by temptations. You are free to do as you wish, but freedom comes with a price. Freedom does not negate cause and effect. Remember that as you go about your life while deciding to eat the cake, or have sex with a friend etc... Just ask yourself before you do a thing; What would a Goddess do?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Power of Words..

You know something, why do we allow men to say any disrespectful thing that comes out there mouth? To keep the peace? What peace is there if your in pain? Words carry energy, if a prayer offer protection and healing, unkind words can be an assault on your person too, they can weaken your spirit especially if its on going. The moment the utterance is disgorged from his mouth, invalidate it swiftly. 

 Don't even allow for the next verse to have a platform, smash that energy to smithereens then keep it moving...Find new words to express yourself with, the more words you know the more eloquent and "spell binding" you become. The only way to extinguish the power of words placed on you is to come up with more powerful words to counteract that energy.It would be best to leave the presence of someone you have to battle with, but until you can..wordsmith his ass....

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Forgive and Forget? Impossible!

If u confront your man about a dastardly deed and his response is "Im sorry! But there is nothing I can do about it now..." He is sorry that you feel bad about what he WANTED to do, not about the act itself. He blames nature for unbridled passion, and u have to sit there and eat up the excuse but that reasoning doesn't digest well.

It turns and twists your delicate flesh as u try to process remorse but u get heavy hearts and heavy bellies as u make love with food and other follies to compensate for the little death within u. Forgiveness is not real for matters of the heart, the best thing is to be honest seek to balance the loss with revenge of some kind.

It doesn't have to be the same offense but it should hurt same, maybe then you can truly say that he is forgiven...

Some will tell you, just leave him! As if all will be right within your heart not being in his immediate presence. For some of us, the leaving him aspect is not a wanted option, they are still useful and purposeful in our lives so leaving will hold no resolve, it may hurt us more.. 

No my friend, when you have free will and a perfect understanding of who you are, your right to justice and order then you will approach regain balance and order without guilt just as the other party committed self gratification without guilt. You owe it to yourself to find a resolution befitting of justice not turn the other cheek.
Then maybe you won't look to food or frivolous things for illusionary comfort. Its satisfying to know that the person who hurt you with intent and without just cause experiences the consequences of the pain inflicted, only then can you truly relax and let go. Find a way to break even and then you will be free....

Monday, July 29, 2013

Eve's Eyes Are Open The Spells of Men...

Art done by Quyen Dinh
Continued from the Second degree; Eve 's Eyes Are Open, I talked about not letting fantasies told to you be presented as truth, seduction is not truth, just delightful presentation to move you act, to respond, to get emotional and build your desire. 

The whining and dining, flattery, stories of adventure with past relationships make you hopeful that its now your turn to be loved by a 'good man'.
You are 'blinded by affection (infected is a better word) as the he sings a lullaby in your ear to 'relax' you, to 'disarm' you from your logic. But this to shall pass and the real intent will surface if you just give it time, then you will see what's left after the 'show' is over then and only then do you put your heart into it.

Emotional currency should be spent on truth not suppositions or the 'I'm not ready yet" bullshit talk. Arrest your emotions if there not reciprocated, there's no honor in casting pearls to swine.. Open your Eyes... this is your life PROTECT IT!!