Let Me Coach You!

To navigate through the maze of self doubt, the manipulation of loved ones and inner fears, you need guidance. And not just any type of guidance, you need someone that can help you gain independence and give you formulas that practical information to help you manage your life. If you are here reading this, you have probably sought out help before.
 You've been told to think happy thoughts, wear crystals and burn sage to keep negative thoughts and people at bay. And you found out that those things are good for quick fixes and temporary zen but fall short in giving you any real confidence to change your perspective on life. Its time for something more, not a pump up, but a true transformation of self. You see the games out here and have been swindled too many times, so you are cautious and have every right to be skeptical of people promising pie in the sky dreams.

I have hired coaches myself only to feel deflated and cheated by strong marketing plans and no substance.  Empty pockets and no break through was what I was left with, thinking that the fee based coaching was going to as spectacular as the free stuff they gave away. Turns out, the freebies always seem to be better than when I finally gave up my hard earn money for customized coaching.

I know that disappointment, and I am committed to do the opposite for you, to really give you tools and techniques, KNOWLEDGE you can use from the moment you hang up the phone with me. This is not easy for you to do, I know this. Entrusting someone with all your secrets is a casual thing to do. But its a first step. In all break throughs, the first and most important step is honesty. You cannot get anywhere without it. So you and I have to establish mutual trust in order for me to coach you effectively. Nothing is too shameful to say or admit: NOTHING.
 And within your revealing comes my part in guiding you to a way to handle all your emotions effectively. You cannot undo what has been done. No wishing it away is going to happen.
SO what has to happen?You have to learn how you think and what triggers certain emotions in you, and from there you have to learn where to put these emotions to use so they can serve you. This journey is about releasing shame and guilt, redirecting and rewiring how you think about yourself so that you can be sharp as a tact, productive towards your highest good, increase your self esteem by knowing how to generate it. You will learn how to respect yourself, love yourself and so much more.

It is time to step into the best part of yourself and come out the haze of your slump. People less skilled than you, less attractive than you, less educated than you are living dynamic lives so this has nothing to do with what you have accumulated, or your status in society. This is conditioning and until now, you really had no say so in how you were to feel about yourself. Until now, you let people dictate what was best for you. No more!
So here is my promise if you are willing to trust me as we walk through the shadows of your mind, you will learn what is an illusion and what is not, You will learn what love is and what its not. You will learn what true self esteem is and how 90% of women today do not have it! If you are looking to just feel better about where you are, then close this page right now.

If you are truly ready to do whatever it takes to transform, then you and I are a match and you are ready to leave mediocrity in the graveyard. You are going to have to be comfortable be self centered, you are going to have to be good with loving your ego and probably a lot of ideals that you've been told were bad to be your entire life. They LIED to you. But thats ok. I am here to give the truth back to you.
Below is a paypal button to book your session.Choose which one suits your budget and lets get to work!
 You have an option of: 
*60 mins via phone call bring a note pad and have all your questions handy*,
*30 day package that includes phone, journal workbook, email support and Skype calls
*Or Face to Face training session for a full weekend at your location.

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