The magic of a man's conversation...

The Second Degree: Eve's Eyes Are Open..
Now you as a woman need to have your eyes open to the truth of things so that you don't fall to temptation.I meaning going forward with full understanding and (truthful) information from the men which are the objects of your desire. 

To often we get caught in the suppositions, men tell us how it could be, never how its will be.

We believe in the vague fantasies set before us, putting hopes in hypothetical conversations because we like a good conversation...Nothing is ever made plain in the beginning.

Seduction does not work on truth..truth is not sexy..fantastic tales of what might be pulls you in..makes you busy on winning his love and without merit or tangible cause he gets the spoils of a war easily won....

To make you dream about what could be is more powerful than reality because you add to it in your mind and before long you have made a perfect scenario that is so far from his intent that you think that what he says is real. OPEN YOUR EYES