Forgive and Forget? Impossible!

If u confront your man about a dastardly deed and his response is "Im sorry! But there is nothing I can do about it now..." He is sorry that you feel bad about what he WANTED to do, not about the act itself. He blames nature for unbridled passion, and u have to sit there and eat up the excuse but that reasoning doesn't digest well.

It turns and twists your delicate flesh as u try to process remorse but u get heavy hearts and heavy bellies as u make love with food and other follies to compensate for the little death within u. Forgiveness is not real for matters of the heart, the best thing is to be honest seek to balance the loss with revenge of some kind.

It doesn't have to be the same offense but it should hurt same, maybe then you can truly say that he is forgiven...

Some will tell you, just leave him! As if all will be right within your heart not being in his immediate presence. For some of us, the leaving him aspect is not a wanted option, they are still useful and purposeful in our lives so leaving will hold no resolve, it may hurt us more.. 

No my friend, when you have free will and a perfect understanding of who you are, your right to justice and order then you will approach regain balance and order without guilt just as the other party committed self gratification without guilt. You owe it to yourself to find a resolution befitting of justice not turn the other cheek.
Then maybe you won't look to food or frivolous things for illusionary comfort. Its satisfying to know that the person who hurt you with intent and without just cause experiences the consequences of the pain inflicted, only then can you truly relax and let go. Find a way to break even and then you will be free....