Eve's Eyes Are Open The Spells of Men...

Art done by Quyen Dinh
Continued from the Second degree; Eve 's Eyes Are Open, I talked about not letting fantasies told to you be presented as truth, seduction is not truth, just delightful presentation to move you act, to respond, to get emotional and build your desire. 

The whining and dining, flattery, stories of adventure with past relationships make you hopeful that its now your turn to be loved by a 'good man'.
You are 'blinded by affection (infected is a better word) as the he sings a lullaby in your ear to 'relax' you, to 'disarm' you from your logic. But this to shall pass and the real intent will surface if you just give it time, then you will see what's left after the 'show' is over then and only then do you put your heart into it.

Emotional currency should be spent on truth not suppositions or the 'I'm not ready yet" bullshit talk. Arrest your emotions if there not reciprocated, there's no honor in casting pearls to swine.. Open your Eyes... this is your life PROTECT IT!!