My Thoughts on Interracial Dating and Marraige

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"Sophia's Second Thoughts" art by Salkis Re

Someone asked me about interracial dating. I will by asking two questions: do black men watch porn? Do black men have a "type" of female they like? Do you understand that most of them watch non black women and are very excited by the pink snatch and Tu Ball Cains jumping around ? Do you understand that what they watch is what turns them on? How many times is it going to be someone that looks exactly like you? Do you understand that having a "type" is a prejudice within itself?

A predisposition towards a particular esthetic? What are you ashamed of admitting exactly? And why when men have no problem objectifying and separating parts of your body into what is valuable and what is not useful? You are attracted to what you are attracted to and that's it.

When you start looking at EVERYTHING for what it really is, you start to really grasp how much "performing" is going on. Some of us have allegiance to those that look at us as an "experiment" or something to do when they are bored or have a dry spell. You are ALONE.. This walk is yours.

 No one is coming to save you

No revolution. . 

Look around and you can see if u open your eyes. You are aligned with nostalgia and illusions. Live YOUR life..

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What if Your Man Finds You Unattractive?

In response to a you tube video I did yesterday discussing what to do if you are an unattractive girl as far as dating etc. A brother asked if it is wrong for him to pursue a woman he is not physically attracted too. He said that the woman has other qualities that he is interested in but the looks just don't do it for him.

There is nothing wrong in dating someone you do not find attractive.
Sometimes other traits do hold so much value that you can't pass it up. The problem is when the other person has to develop a relationship with someone who is turned off by them physically.

If you are on the receiving end of that kind of union and you are NOT strong minded and strong willed, you WILL be treated like a charity case. The emotional high that is usually there with physical attraction, will not be there with you. Practicality rules, the bottom line will be in front every decision instead of pleasing you. You must develop mental strength here because lipstick won't do much to create the illusion of attractiveness.

Neediness, even in attractive women, eventually becomes a repellant for her as well. You must develop independent thought. That is the only way to control a relationship were the other person thinks you are ugly. We can try to create the illusion of attractiveness by the right clothes and make up lessons, talking softly or learning poll dancing and other "body conscious" things that take your money before you have a chance to perfect them. But in the back of your mind(where the truth is) you know that no matter what you do, it's not going to be enough if you are doing them to please another person.

You are in a charitable head space, a servant and master paradigm were you have decided to agree with the rank and file you have been placed in by the person that you are trying to please. Center yourself, Learn to please yourself and do things that build on the strengths that you already have. This is what will give you confidence, not worrying and pressing yourself to do and learn things that are only motivated by your need to distract from how  you look.

You could be a master of your life if you know how to fill your own cup. Being unemotional makes you attractive!!
When you don't "need" on an emotional level, you simply cannot be manipulated no matter how plain you look. And this alone can make you a magnet for men. Focus on health and personal accomplishments to avoid the depression that comes from pleasing people that find you undesirable to begin with..
(I know you men read my stuff so this goes for you too: your welcome ;)

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