Discipline: The Essential Requirement for the Creatrix

When you lack discipline in sexual desires it leads to unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, mental stress and physical stress, when you lack discipline in eating it leads to weight gain, fatigue and rapid deterioration of the body, when you lack discipline of mind, it leads to failure, unaccomplished goals, low self worth.. 

Discipline is the action of thought out intent with what ever you decided you will do for your highest good. Not 'just because you can' but because you have a clear objective that what you are about to do will improve you, will benefit you and this experience called life. Be present always in all your deeds and success and happiness waits for you on the other side...

Ladies, we must become proactive instead of reactive to circumstances and crisis. How will we ever become Goddess if we are so easily swayed by temptations. You are free to do as you wish, but freedom comes with a price. Freedom does not negate cause and effect. Remember that as you go about your life while deciding to eat the cake, or have sex with a friend etc... Just ask yourself before you do a thing; What would a Goddess do?